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Noa Lily
@Noalily · 3:36

Back to Square 1?

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But I'm also like and I hated the people who said this stuff during the first round of quarantine, but I think COVID has been around for almost two years and we have to find a way to continue to live our lives. This cannot be something that is so debilitating that we lose so many precious years. And I'm just very conflicted because I want to follow what my parents want, and I don't want to make them nervous

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Indy Rishi Singh
@MysticScientist · 3:20

Barrington proclamation

It's very different for people who have morbidities and have a lot of issues. But when you are healthy, it might actually be better to get sick and recover from it. That in itself is a way to build your immune system. It's how we got here in a lot of ways. Right. It's actually the foundation of vaccines as well as to get a little bit and get sick and then recover. Right. And so this omacron is almost like that
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