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Noa Lily
@Noalily · 2:32

No more masks in class?!

article image placeholderAfter lifting mask mandate, California unveils plan to ease into next stage of life with COVID
I'm used to being in class and it'll be in person, but we'll all wear masks and I'm probably making the most awkward faces under there or like yawning, but no one knows because it's my little filter. And so now I have to be more conscious about my facial expressions and whatnot which is a very small thing. But there have been some mixed responses that I've gotten from people about this mandate being listed

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Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:07
But if Amicron develops into something else, that's when experts are starting to say, okay, we need to refine our vaccines, we need to update them because we got another infection. But with natural infection, which you have experienced, you get that T cell memory, which not only helps you fight against the current infection or strain, if you will, but does help you fight off any future strains. So if I Mikron develops even further, you're going to have protection
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