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Noa Lily

reconnecting with movement

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So I just got home after doing a yoga class, and it was my first class that I had taken in a really long time. I used to do yoga pretty much every day. Then I would take classes. But this semester has been really busy and particularly really difficult and I haven't had the time or really the motivation to get out of the house and go and take classes from other teachers. So I feel like for me, movement is such a big part of my life

so grateful to have had this experience..excuse the incoherence at the end

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Oh, I love this. And I really resonate with how emotional it makes you because I've felt that exact same thing. And it's really, really insane how easy it is to forget that, I don't know, our bodies can communicate so much to us that we don't consciously know that we're not to wear about
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I love hearing your deep emotion in this. And I'll tell you, it's good. That's real. You think crying, and it opened you up, it cracked you open. And I feel like I'm so appreciative to yoga for that same thing, able to kind of tap into the pieces of me that I maybe haven't been seen lately or haven't slowed down to even hear the voice of
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