Nishtha Kaushik
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After school jobs or internship for students??

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But just not being an excellent in academics, we should be focusing on our personality development as well and I think jobs and internships are the best way to do that. If a child is already indulged in so many activities, there's so many extra curriculars in their school life or College life, then maybe you can say that they should not be doing some jobs or anything because they already have so much less time and their student life be affected by that

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Savleen Kaur
@SavleenKaur19 · 0:37
Probably people in your normal middle class or upper middle class won't think of doing such things, which I don't think about trying that it is bad at all. We should think of that. But if we don't want to go for that I think like internships and after school jobs are really important
Nishtha Kaushik
@Nishtha_10 · 1:13


Just earn something good by doing a proper job after College or something. But I don't think that's the correct mentality no job is more or less everything. Same if you are doing what satisfies you, if you are happy and doing that what's wrong in it I think and personally I won't mind doing such things and it would be great if I could do but of course there are people that usually parents don't allow so they're both the cases
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