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Nishtha Saxena
@Nishtha07 · 1:35

Choose your hard!

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So life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But we can choose our heart. So choose wisely. Pick wisely. Thank you for giving some time to listen to my as well today. Thanks a lot to all my listeners. Have a fabulous day ahead. Bye

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Prabha Iyer
@PSPV · 1:12
Because brain actually is a very practical thing. Heart is an emotional thing. Both do not cooperate with each other. Sometimes because we being human. We are emotionally attached to many things. But brain says no be practical. This happens and this doesn't happen. Both are right according to their perception. Only thing is in between both we toggle. So we have to take a wise decision. Your poetry was really good. Thank you so much
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Nishtha Saxena
@Nishtha07 · 0:43
Ah, thank you for taking out some time to listen to my swell and to reply as well. I really liked your reply that yes, we can always choose our heart in my swell, which I say it, so we always have the option to choose. No matter wherever we are in life, we can choose what we want to continue doing. And attempt, as you said, is very essential. It is our attempts that lead us to the destination
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