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Nishtha Saxena
@Nishtha07 · 1:20

Do yourself a favour

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And they are trying to portray it to you that this is the light and what the thing that you think and is genuinely light they are trying to portray that this is dark and you are saying it wrong. In such scenarios do a favour to your own self and open your eyes and see. Okay? Think about it. All the very best. Bye

#inspiration #advice #light #dark #thoughts #phillosphy

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Charvi Dhiran
@charvi24 · 1:10
Hi, Nishtha. This is Charvi here. And this is such a beautiful message that everybody needs to hear, right? Sometimes we're just so stuck upon our opinion, our point of view, that we become blind to the ones around us. And we just become so stagnant in life, it doesn't move because that's how we're looking at it, right? We just are not open to anything right now. We are not ready to open up. Right? And that is okay
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