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Nishtha Saxena
@Nishtha07 · 1:30

The Best Karma ?

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This was just a short swell that leave everything on God on karma. And he will take care of the rest. So it is the 24 April 2023. Have a great week ahead. It is the starting of the week. Have fantastic and fabulous week ahead. Enjoy your life. Trust God. Leave rest. Bye

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gungun bansal
@gungunbansal_ · 0:22
Hi, Nishtha. Sasayana coming up with such a positive vibe, it's really important, our life. And you said it like, let it go. We both understand that it's not that easy to let go. But that's the only the simple thing you can do. Instead of wasting your energy in revenge. Karma will do it for you, bro. So do not get worried about it. Thank you so much, Nishta, for posting this
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