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Take a break , have a coffee. Swellcast@nimisha

Later, people started jockingly calling her the Miracle Coffee. I'm just a coffee eating, you know, and there is nothing quiet like that first cup of coffee and a few sweep of that aromatic stuff. You'll be motivated to tackle your day hat on, and it's truly the best. So enjoy your coffee. Bye

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Anitta P.J
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Well, after hearing this, it reminded me it's the small things that can change big things in your life. So if you are attentive to small things, like you just said, that small cup of aromatic coffee helped her win a match. So it reminded me that every small stuff around you might be the biggest change in your life anyways. Thanks for sharing
Ostwal Rohit
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That's what it feels good to me. That's the most spacious moment when I'll be there with you. Good. Right. So take a break. Have a tea. Not a coffee with me
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naina naina
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Hey, you have given us such a good reminder that even the small things in life can make a person stay better. And if I say mine, I always used to take a piece of chocolate before my exam time and I feel more energetic and I'm very happy, happy. And thanks for sharing with insuffirt