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Organized Chaos with Nikki

Good morning, y'all. Nikki here with organized chaos. The podcast. I am taking my morning stroll. It's beautiful. It's lovely. I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to your day. I wanted to hop on and share my latest podcast episode episode with you all. I'm wanting to use Swell as a platform of interaction and feedback from listeners that do listen to my podcast #podcasts #mentalhealth #podcasting #selflove #boundaries

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I think nobody like, if I had to give one advice for anybody going into relationships is to recognize all the red flags of a narcissistic abuser to save themselves from the kind of toxic manipulation that goes into that relationship. Yeah, I wish I had anything better to give or any, I guess, upsides to this. But there aren't any. There really isn't an upside to this. And it's not just from my own experience
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And I know it's like, hard to see it that way because there's so much more healing and work you have to do after, but that is the biggest success you can do with that type of relationship is to leave. So congratulations that you survived that. Now you can share your story and help many other people. But I liked what you said about the good times, like the periods of good times, because that is so true