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Nikita Majhi
@Nikitamajhi · 2:47

Increase your value-Nikita

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So to be paid more money in your work, you must add value to the wall and is to start becoming a more valuable person. Acquire skills no one else has read, books no one else is reading, think thought no one else is thinking. Or to put it another way, you can't have all that you want if you remain the person you are. To get more from life, you need to be more in life. So I hope this will help you

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Avantika Rabgotra
@avantika202 · 1:04
Hello. Good evening everyone. I hope all of you are fine and doing great. So today, Nikita, you have written on title increase your value. So I think, as you have said in end I will say that line in starting to get more from life, you need to be more in life. And that's truly correct if we want more in life so we need to be more in life. So adding value to the world is to start becoming a more valuable person
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Shilpakala Chetan
@proud_mysuruian · 1:16

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I only wanted to add that usually after listening to or reading to something motivational, we just keep on manifesting those powerful lines or thoughts and we forget that we need to take actions. And our manifestation works only when we show efforts of actions. Well, no manifestation works without hard work, right? So it is so very important to sync our motivational thoughts with our manifesting efforts. Yep. This is all I just wanted to share. Blend your manifesting efforts with your motivation of thoughts
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