Nihanth Varma
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Dont be afraid of who u are :)

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Hello. And it was, well, two days ago, I went and ended and I'm always late to stuff. So I'm not surprised. I'm only to this also. But I think one of the biggest problems with people these days is a lot of people are actually homophobic or scared that someone they know is like LGBTQ. And to be honest, I think that's normal
sucharita Patra
@Suetwinslaugh · 0:08
Yeah, I think you are right. We should be proud of also what we are because we have something that we can change in our vehicle
diya sabapathy
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Hey nihanth. First off, I don't think you're awkward. I think you speak very well and also coming to the topic. I think it's an important topic. And I'm glad you made us well on this. Thanks for chatting and by