Nihanth Varma
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Introverts and Extroverts

I think video games actually helped me a lot with my feeling of being all alone in this world, which is still there, actually. But I think video games and people in the internet actually helped me a lot, and that is one of my biggest factors. I think many people just like, think that introverts. It's just like a thing that happens when, you know, it really doesn't. It can happen anything
Theertha Panachoor
@theertha · 0:57
Hi, Nihanth. I just wanted to tell you that I kind of relate to you because I'm an ambivalent. And social anxiety is I think something most of the Gen Z people have. It's something I have when I'm talking to my friends, I'm this big ball of unstoppable energy. But when I meet new people, I have extreme social anxiety. Even asking a packet of extra ketchup was a big thing for me to do a few years ago
Purvi Patankar
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I know we don't just really don't get up well, but we had a lot of charges, I'm pretty sure. But I'm know that you have a lot of people around you don't feel excluded. Now you have your wholesale team with you, so don't feel excluded. We are always here for you
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

diya sabapathy
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Hey nihanth, thank you for like sharing your side and I'm an ambivert. I think like I'm introverted sometimes and I'm extra I'm extroverted other times and I have social anxiety to like you, but someone I can relate to and thank you for talking about this topic. I think it needs to be talked about more and the cover thing is definitely an exaggeration. And I also ended dear brother. Anyways, bye
Varshitha Matta
@varshmatta · 1:06

my thoughts!

Quarantine actually turned me from an extrovert to an introvert. I don't know if it's because of less social contact, but even though I had the chances to talk to people online and everything, I decided not to do that because I don't know. When I used to be an extrovert, I had more depression than I have right now. Like, not depression