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Nidhi Cherian
@Nidhicherian · 1:35

Trip to Manali with my girl gang ( Ep.1)

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If you anticipate having an amazing experience, then I must suggest you visit Manali and Hamachel at least once in a lifetime. We planned a five day expedition to Manali, so to make this plan a success, we first booked a cab from Delhi to Manali, and the trip then commenced. We stopped at Karnal and enjoyed the weather along with a hot cup of tea and some steaming hot Maggie all the way along. The weather was cloudy. Later that night, we decided not to stop and March ahead

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Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 0:26
Hi Nidhi, I love listening to you as well, because it brought back those visuals. And you know, it's been a while since I travel to Manali more than 25 years, but I sort of relived my experience through your swell. So looking forward to more shares and more of that trip from you look forward to listening to that
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