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Aysha Nihidha

 · 4mo ago · 2:53

Whats your favorite genre and author?

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"…My favorite genre is crime thrillers or mystery novels. Why I love does. It just makes me breathless. And it's very much interesting to solve these, to anticipate what is happening, to go through the story, to put the puzzles together. It makes him breathless and it makes me so happy and excited to solve the puzzle in the mystery. And one of the best such authors would be Dan Brown. He's my favorite. He's famous for the book Davenzi Code. Yes, davenzi code.…"

#favgenre #favorite #genres #Let'sTalk #poetsofswell #authors. Join the conversation, Why don't you Share your favorite genre and author ?


Prabha Iyer

@PSPV · 4mo ago · 5:00

#voiceoverpoets #poetsofswell #letstalk #favouritegengre #favgenre #Swellcast #booksreview&opinion

"…Those are like macabreth. Julius Caesar. So few of his stories are very interesting. But only thing is those days I never used to understand. Even now. Yes. I don't say I can understand perfectly. I have to always sit with a dictionary to find the meaning of that. Very true to I don't feel hesitated to say this. Yes. So some stories from the Nancy Drew part, that is adventurous. The haunted ones, haunted carousel, the hidden stairs.…"


Doesn't Matter

@ankahi.by.mansi · 4mo ago · 3:09

#swellcast #swell #swellwriter #swellpoet #reading #writing

"…Hey there mansi this side. I'm very happy to talk about this topic where we share our favorite genres of reading and writing and share our favorite authors with a reason. I mean, this information can speak a lot about any writer and I'm amazed by every everyone's replies here. And so here is mine. First of all, I'm not a reader. I mean, I cannot read. I have tried several times but unfortunately got no luck with it.…"


Srija Sadhukhan

@Srijasadhukhan · 4mo ago · 2:32

Book and love both are the coins of different side

"…Aisha. Yes, it's one of the most common question acts to the authors that what's your favorite genre? So for me it's love. As you all know that everywhere as we say that love is in the air, right? So we find love in everywhere. We try to find love in relationship, in object, in books, in flowers is not where we find love everywhere.…"


Huma Ansari

@HumaAnsariwrite · 4mo ago · 2:14

My favourite genre and author #favgenre #genre #favorite


Harsha Gehlani

@harsha06 · 4mo ago · 1:44

#SwellCast My favorite Indian author has to be Durjoy Datta and my favorite international authors are Ana Huang and CoHo.My fav genre is fiction &

"…But oh god, the way she just know how to get the reader has to be hooked to it till the end is amazing. I love it. ANAHAN is a great writer as well. Her twisted series are Chefs kiss for Real. So these were my favorite author and my general. Let me know what's yours. Thank you for listening.…"



@Rohit_raj_0001 · 4mo ago · 2:45

#Myfavouritegenre # Myfavouriteauthor



Vipin Kamble

@Vipin0124 · 4mo ago · 4:53

#poetofswell #collegevoiceofindia #swellcast #favoritegenre #genre #favoriteauthor #rupikaur

"…This is the raw, honest conversation with oneself, reminding readers to fill up on love, acceptance, commitment towards family and embrace the change. If we go through the illustration by the author, the themes of nature and the light and the dark themes, everything is excellently, beautiful and her latest book, Healing Through Words is again the collection of guided reading exercises to lead you on your journey of self exploration.…"



@rxxshaa · 4mo ago · 2:01

#swellcast #collegevoiceindia #poetsofswell #genre #author #favoritegenreandauthor #jkrowling #inkblackheart #books #novels #readers #swellcastreading@Nichuz_Ash

"…Her novel Ink Black Heart from 2022 is the one that I read very recently from her list of books with the genre includes mystery, thriller, suspense and an aspect to adventurous fictional story. So that is basically it. This is my swell on the genre and author I love. Drop your swell on the seam and let share the interests.…"


sadia 01

@sadi · 4mo ago · 1:21

#favourite genre #poetry

"…Hi I'm Sadia so today we'll be talking about favorite journey and favorite author so I don't know much about authors my favorite journal is poetry. Poetry because it is beautiful and it is meaningful lines written in it and it calms my mind down so fastly and I can expressed my sorrows, my thoughts, my sadness through poetry so easily it comes down my anger so steadily and fastly and each words of poetry, it comes from heart, so it makes so beautiful more even beautiful.…"


Lakshmi Soni

@Lakshmi.soni_14 · 4mo ago · 1:21

"…Hey, nice to listen to aysha and the way you explaining your favorite channel author is a very better way to explain this. And I like the way and your favorite channels too. I like the way you explain the whole so dear as the way you like this mysterious way of general as this I also like the microtels and fictional and non fictional too. And the dohans of Kabir gastri and Rascan.…"


Malaika Mendes

@Ragafari · 4mo ago · 1:17

My favourite genre and author

"…I absolutely loved her style of writing and her command of storytelling. J-R-R. Tolkien. How could I leave him out? Is also a true master of style. I swell love the way he wrote high fantasy prose in a poetic fashion. If I could emulate an author style, his style would be it. So I think that should make him my favorite author. I first read Tolkien's books in my teens and they are still my favorite works of fiction. That calls for something.…"


Jhilik Ghosh

@pennedemotions · 4mo ago · 2:09

What's your? tell me with a reply. #poetsofswell #favgenre #favourite

"…My favorite genre of books is also romance and love. Also, if I talk about other authors, I really appreciate Dujaya dutta. And basically my first book which I had read also was written by the Jaya Dutta. I remember reading the book name When Only Love Remains and I was so impressed by the storyline. Like I never thought love can happen this way as well. I really learned things from that book. I really learned a new concept of love.…"


Meera Gopalakrishnan

@mira.gopal · 4mo ago · 4:18

"…Then of course Janostan's work, I love them pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, all the books. And then Charles Dickens books, the Tale of Two Cities. So you ask most of the English Classics, I love them. Second is Indian mythology. I love to read both of the Indian mythology. You give me ramadana, you give me Mahbarata, you give me Baghdada, you give me Shivpurana. Anything and any modern adaptations of it. Also I love to read it.…"


Pratishtha Gupta

@pratishtha23 · 4mo ago · 3:34

#collegevoiceindia #swellcast #favouritegenre

"…So there are very famous historical romance stories as we all know about Jodha Agbar and Padmawad Hi Raksha and Lala Madnu. So these all love stories are epic. Although as per my conception women are the main reader of romance novel, a growing number of men enjoy them as well. Romance or romantic novel is a feeling of love for or a strong attraction toward another person and the courtship behaviors undertaken by an individual to express those overall feelings and result in emotions.…"


Disha Agarwal

@disha_aga05 · 4mo ago · 4:42

Why I love Harry Potter🧿❤ #books #swellcast #collegevoiceindia #harrypotter #DishTales

"…Now, the reason why I like Harry Potter is because not just it is a very brilliant story with an amazing plot in a world that is built on magic. And it's just so fun to read that once you pick it up, you cannot put it down. But it also taught me many life lessons. Life lessons of being kind, being honest, being empathetic, being humble, grounded.…"


Malaika Mendes

@Ragafari · 4mo ago · 1:39


"…And when you share that, I realize that I'm not the only person in the world who's still going over those children's stories, because Nancy Jewel stories are really very useful. Mary and they are still being written today for the young teenagers, three adolescents and adolescence. Yes, they're still good. It shows that those are good stories. They're very nice, very clean for young people, nothing that parents would object to. And there are classics, and they still are.…"


Harshali Rathod

@harshali_r_ · 4mo ago · 1:38

My favourite genres & authors. #writersonswell #love #selflove #collagewritersonswell

"…And if I talk about my favorite daughter then I really admire Sudhamuti. As I grown up reading her books, I was inspired by many books written by her. But magic of Loathe's Temple has some different magic. I agree that I'm explorer in case of genre. But I have a little inclination towards love and roman genre. So here. How can I forgot? Ashish bakrija. I just love his poetry and books. The way he writes has my whole heart.…"


Shivani Jani

@ShivaniJani · 4mo ago · 4:18

#favoritegenre #poetsofswell #author #genre #love #stories #indianauthor #lovestories #let'stalk #heartbreak

"…The reason is because whenever I read love stories it just brings me back to life. Those love stories are curated in such a beautiful way that every time when I read them my heart is full of emotions and I always feel that I also needed this kind of love story. So from that genre my favorite authors are two Indian author. One is Durjoy Datta and another is Ravinder Singh. Now Ravinder Singh has written a lot of different novels.…"


Prabha Iyer

@PSPV · 4mo ago · 2:14


"…My God, out of standard out of syllables we used to feel and these books gives us pleasure and we used to have much fun when going to library also we kind of pick these stories which are very interesting and rather than interesting, I would say it is a companion. Books are obviously a companion. I'm for me, these kind of books are my God, thank you so much and thank you for your reply. Have a nice day. Bye.…"


The_stunning_ Compiler

@sananshika · 4mo ago · 1:44

"…When we read thriller novels or any writing or even like the poem, the writing, the novel, anything regarding or related to the thriller it's like amazing to think and we move to that imaginary world. I'm very happy that you read thriller is not about that thriller will not give anything importantly in your reality version of life. Thriller will give us a reality version of life? Yes. And how while reading a thriller we can easily understand in our reality as well because thriller is equal to reality.…"


Swati Bhargava

@swatinakshatra8 · 4mo ago · 2:48

Genre and favorite author मैं लड़कियों और महिलाओं के संबंधित ज्यादा लिखती हूँ। विशेष उन महिलाओ को प्रेरणा देना मेरा उद्देश्य हैँ जो शादी के बाद घरों में रहती है और अपने सपने भी पूरा करना चाहती है। प्रेरित करना


Jagreeti sharma

@voicequeen · 4mo ago · 2:22


"…Hello, everyone. I love to read.…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Bishakha Saxena

@bishakha24 · 4mo ago · 3:18

नमस्ते विशाखा कुमारी सक्सेना। मेरी लिखने की शैली कविता, पद, छंद और लघु कहानीयां है। कविता के माध्यम से अपनी बातों को सबके सामने प्रस्तुत करती हूं। हिंदी साहित्य में मैं छायावादी कवि आदरणीय सुमित्रानंदन पंत जी मुझे पसंद है।


@Anveshitha · 4mo ago · 4:52


"…In that I can feel the love of Christian Anana, how they crossed every path, how they even crossed the deathbed and how he forcefully cleared the cages which he constructed around his heart to give a secured feeling to Anna. I can feel the underlying emotion of love in that book and it's my all time favorite. There are many books upcoming and now there are more than 30 books which are waiting for me to read in my home right now. I hope I can complete everything soon.…"


Sheeba ❤❤❤

@sheeba1234 · 4mo ago · 4:44

Sheeba Rahman is talking about favourite genre. #myfavgenre #myfavauthor

"…Of course, if Dr. Arthur didn't be such an intelligent and smart person with analytical thinking we wouldn't get Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Arthur was an amazing observer so that he can create an amazing character like Shalok and also created another amazing character like Dr. Watson. Shalok was brain and Watson was heart. Their combination was pretty good to solve crime mysteries. And I also like nonfiction in which I like most scientific journals, social issues and self help literature.…"


Prashant Mishra

@thenameispm · 4mo ago · 2:55

This is me Prashant Mishra talking about my favourite genre and favourite Shayar. Show your support. Thankyou.


Saumya Joshi

@thehilarytales · 4mo ago · 0:13

"…Hello, everyone. Namashkar made a favorite genre hair, fantasy and romance. And my favorite author alltime favorite is JK. Rowling.…"


Akansha Agrawal writer

@Akansha_Agrawal · 4mo ago · 3:27

"…It really inspires me to do more, to write more, to read more. So it's the gold mine of our country and we should nurture or nourish, or let our young writer or young readers, let them read the gold Mendes of our country and we should read them always. And there's a lot to take from their writing, or there's a lot to take from in terms of inspiration as well. So that's all about what I like, what is my favorite genre and everything.…"


Shrawani Shravs

@whispersofverse · 4mo ago · 1:00


"…Hi myself, Shivani. I am very glad to know about the different writer favorite authors and journals. So I am a reader. But I normally read Hindi epic like mythological. I'm a logical author. I love to read mythological books. And the present one I am reading is Shrigadha sanghita by Garb, by Deshigat. It is a translation of San street language. It is purely about the divine law of Prabha and Krish.…"



@Reza853 · 4mo ago · 1:27

"…My favorite poet is Gulzar Harsha hansindaki Kampar Bhamun ko Yaungi shari kotna describes.…"


Shivani Tandon

@shivani_poetry · 4mo ago · 0:55


"…It says all that is unheard and unsaid. It's a voice that comes directly from the heart and touches are sold. So this is my favorite genre. Thank you for listening.…"


Jyotsana Rupam

@SPane23 · 4mo ago · 2:36

"…In heavy party. Thank you.…"


Chandni Baid

@moonie21 · 3mo ago · 2:15


"…Good afternoon. Poetry. Love poetry. There is always room to learn.…"

Muskan Bothra

@Heart_sayer · 3mo ago · 3:29

My Favourite poetry which conveys a little lot about one's thought and emotions with a better touch of tales . #swell #poetsofswell #poetry #genre

"…Hello friends. So hope you all are doing well and all have shadow. Favourite genre is an author so here I go with my mind. So my favorite genre is poetry because in few lines it dedicates a lot of emotions, a person's prospective thoughts and everything, which is so short and lovable to weird. And one of my favorite daughter is Rabindrana tagore, a tourist figure of bullied creature and the most famous moral indigenous poet.…"


Jaya Sharma

@jayasharma · 3mo ago · 2:26

"…Hello, swell family. namaskar. mahaya Sharma. My favorite. Jay romantic. kavita prayed. My favorite. Thank you.…"


Prachi Bhatt

@Prachi014 · 3mo ago · 0:44

#self help #self motivation #nature # beauty

"…Good afternoon everyone. I am fond of reading selfhelp books. Dale karnak's how to Win Friends and Influence People. Being my favorite. These books are quite helpful and one learns a lot by reading them. I like to write poems and stories with a hidden message in it. These are a source of self motivation for me. I use usually writer when I am dull or sadi. This gives me a day of hope to fight with my problems and stand up against the world.…"


reader 75063

@reader75063 · 3mo ago · 1:29

#fiction #suspense

"…When it comes to favorite genre or favorite author, again, I have to think a lot because I like reading a lot of genres. I like reading a lot of authors. As of now, what I am thinking of is the fiction genre, which, again, I like a lot and and subgenre something that I can see, and that is suspense. Out of those books, one of my favorite authors is Jeffrey archer. I mean, not a penny more, not a penny less.…"


Yuva Parmar

@yuv025 · 3mo ago · 1:18

#favouriteauthor #shakespeare #romeojuliet

"…But it was not an end, it was their beginning. To eternity, to new worlds. So Shakespeare is my favorite author and my favorite Jenner is fantasies and fairy tales. Because I'm a lot lot and lot into fantasies and fairtails. Because Ethan every fairy tale and fantasy have a happy ending and not I cannot say all of them have happy endings. But endings in fair tales and fantasies are much more epic and happy than other stories. As for me, thank you for listening me.…"


writer Aashika (Reshu) jain

@WAR · 3mo ago · 2:00

"…Meranam Ashika Jain J Siki Spane Lehan Sadi Or Fabric Writer umid Karti home motivational thoughts and life's relative.…"

Shresth Arya

@Dreamer_Shresth · 3mo ago · 3:51

#Fiction #crimesolving #murdermystery #J K Rowling #Sherlockholmes

"…Obviously I feel that way only I feel connected to the novels. Connected to the books. While going through the novels I get so much involved in it that I feel like I'm the protagonist of the novel. No matter whether it's a character, it's female or character is me. Well, I just get into it and just started to behave like what's going to be his or her next step. Talking about the gender of which part of the novel I like most.…"


Kushagra verma

@Kushagraverma · 3mo ago · 4:16

"…Because there is no comparison between two art and never. Ever. The feelings, the rhythm, the experience everything is so different and unique of every author and every poet. And the difference we can see, visualize and understand for reading in every poem. And in my case, I'm not a reader because I never used to read books or poetry or anything else, only textbook I have read.…"


Akanshya Kajol

@AKA381 · 3mo ago · 3:31

My favorite genre and a favorite author, let's go through it😌

"…This one really has to read this book. So here's a line from this book which really amazed me is, and I quote, you might think you know who you are, but if you think you are an individual person with a name who's a certain age from a particular race who has a profession, a family history and various life experiences. You will be stunned by the revelation of who you really are. So this is really amazing. This book one really has to read.…"


Preshti 123

@Preshti · 3mo ago · 2:17

#swellcast #poetsofswell # preshtifeels

"…Plot twist is basically like story starts with a happiness but ending will surely be suspended or mostly sadness within it and you can't accept the story ending like that. So my story always basically ends with worse things like death, et cetera. So that's all from my side. And basically my favorite author is Raskinbowl and one of the favorite book which he wrote was The Girl on the Train. I don't know about other authors but he was my favorite author.…"


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