Neha M
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My little (or long) shpeal about a tv show

So I was intrigued by this show, so I kind of wanted to talk about it a little bit to tell you about it, to see if you're interested in it. It's a very different show. It's super confusing. Even after watching it. There's a lot of things left unconcluded. Like I was very confused by some of the person. They didn't finish their storylines
Neha M
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I think that it's intentional, like it makes sense that it's supposed to be confusing because the whole, like, like main idea of the show is that like a coming of age kind of thing and finding your identity to try and figure out who you are because it's called We Are Who we are and that's confusing, especially for these characters. They don't exactly understand themselves or what they want to become and stuff. So I think it's supposed to be confusing on purpose
Rud S
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I loved your thoughts on this show because I've heard about it from a friend, and I do know Jack Dylan Grace. I used to follow him. I think I still do on Instagram or whatever. He's a really good actor. I love his like he did really well in it. And then, like, I wanted to do, like, a kid with Osmo, and he's done like, I forget what other movie
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Welcome to Swell!

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Kind of rambled in the end loll

I feel like if the movie is making you uncomfortable, not like in a weird way, but the way that you described or make you question certain things Areej kind of confused. And I feel like it's pretty good because the whole thing was intentional for you to do that or feel that I don't know if anything I'm making I'm saying is making sense
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@r_sylvar @rudash

And don't worry, what you said made a lot of sense. I definitely agree. I'm glad my points got across correctly because you're kind of like confirming what I was saying, which is very validating. Thank you. And I just want to reply to Regina in the same comments. Thanks for your enthusiasm. It's easy also. Yeah. I think I saw that you followed him too. So very nice. Very nice stuff. That's all. Goodbye
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Okay. I'm definitely watching this show. You made me want to watch it. I should probably watch the other shows. You recommended me. Oops. But being obsessed with someone that's very, very relatable. I literally did that with like, well, I just like, Stuttered, really bad. Other point is, what I was going to say is I really did that a lot with Sylvia Plas. I literally know everything about her at this point