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How do you act in a group setting?

So I was just noticing that especially today, a lot of the people in that group have been to the campus at Waterloo, so they know different things that I don't know yet because I've never been there. So I was just kind of listening and absorbing it all. And at one point, I was not talking that much that, you know, on discord. When you are not on your computer for a certain amount of time, you go into AFK and you go into a different voice
Neha M
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Topic of our devotional

And the other one was compassion, which is kind of on a similar line where you can feel what the other person is feeling and be empathetic towards them and to try and do things to make them happier, which is part of consideration. And yeah, someone brought up the fact that these virtues are underrated and you know how in resumes for work you write all these skills that you have, like your technical skills, but they don't really care about your virtues and being a good person
Ayishah Hasni
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I was stressing so much about having to contribute enough to our conversations when we were talking about people's work because I didn't want to just seem like I was in the background. But I guess that was because it was a smaller class too. But at the same time with some of my other classes, I didn't even say anything because I would just listen to what other people had to say because I was just so feeling so awkward that I didn't want to talk
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Welcome to Swell!

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@GivingVoice a Swellcast about showing up. Session 8 🙏🙏🌱

I think the characteristics of a person, what they bring to the situation, regardless of their expertise, their awareness, their compassion, their empathy. Those are the things that really can create flow and create productivity. So it's all really important in terms of bringing it to the table and making it something that's a priority when we look at who we're going to invite into our worlds. And I love the idea of being in community and noticing while you're learning
Areej Khanotia
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This was very informative. And what's the word like, insight? Yeah. Insightful. I actually don't know exactly what I am in a group setting. I'm very average. Like, I talk quite a bit, but I also listen quite a bit sometimes, like, if I'm too excited, actually, no. You know what I do? Do I consider myself like an ambivert? Right. So both introverted and extroverted