Neha M
@neha_munje · 3:40

How do you watch a movie?

And you're like focusing on a different task and it's just there or maybe you take a nap while the movie is playing, which I've seen a lot. Yeah. So those are some different ways that I categorized ways of watching movies. What are some ways that you watch movies? Maybe you watch it in all the first three ways that I said all at the same time, because that is impressive. Also, those two movies that I watched were Luca and The Heights
Rud S
@rudash · 1:53
Because I feel like sometimes even though the main person is obviously named like the main character or the main scene or main plot, sometimes the plots that are happening behind them or around them, I just find them more interesting, even if it's like, for example, if I'm watching a music video, for example, although the person in the middle or the person that's singing is obviously the person you pay attention to catches your eye
Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:28
I'm like, and then I can see it in my head like that scene cause I just watched the movie. I'm like, oh, my God, that makes a lot of sense. That was really smart. And, like, I try to figure out what it was before I do that, like, research on the movie. I do that with books, too. And then I get, like, really into the books. But, yeah, that is what I do
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

@sylvar · 2:23
I just kind of like doing it, just watching it and just think that I know I probably don't, but it's just fun to comment on it and kind of like, be amazed by how they made the movie, I guess. But yeah, I also put movies on as background noise because I feel like background noise, background music, same thing. So I kind of do that, too
Ayishah Hasni
@ayishah.hasni · 3:35
So I guess it would be more directing, like if they Zoom on in a character's face or their eyes or their expression or show the back of a character's head or something kind of thinking about why the director chose to portray an animated character that way
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 4:30

My process for watching film/tv shows.. etc.

So I was able to pick up on certain pieces in the way in which how I watched something and when it came time to talking about it, it was easy to do. I didn't need to watch it like twelve times to kind of get the idea. Certain themes pop out at me more so than others, and I'm able to elaborate upon that. What's another thing? I also look for the way scenes are shot. Also, I try to remember that every scene is intended
Baddest On the Block
@rameenaamir · 0:23

Oh and pretty people

If the dialogues are log is good and meaningful, but instantly, if the words are just trash and the writing is not very good in a movie, I will just turn it off because I can't stand it