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How obesity is converted into a new epidemic..🥲🧑‍⚕️❤️‍🩹

So due to eating too much junk food, the combination of fat, sugar, salt in the body is also detroiting. So this is also one of the reason why people are becoming increasingly obvious. So you can eat junk food, but sometimes not every day. So you can share here the tips for avoiding the obesity. So thank you for or listing

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They are going to kill us. And the main thing they're causing is obesity. So what happened? Actually she was auntie and she was obese and she was obese because she used to eat a lot of those things like junk food, pizzas, burgers and that too at a very high rate, I think all these things we should eat such things that's not that bad but we should have a limit
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We can do work out or if we can do aerobics only if we don't know, or if we don't want to go to gym and then detoxify or then burn our calories, we can do aerobics. It's a very easy stuff for these things. The people look but they can't eat so much. So most of them, what they did, they throw it away and rest of us, what we do kind of waste now. So we overeat these things. We overeat
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Again, same thing. They don't eat dairy products or meat. So every single person needs to have their individual dietary things. But of course, the go to tip is going to be to not eat junk food every single day. Try to eat less of oily or fried products. You can of course, have them once in a while, but every single day will lead to obesity. And eat your veggies