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Friendship or best friend💙💙...

My friend who was so never knew this is how it would end. Losing my best friend says everyone knows that friendship is an integral part of everyone's life. So letting go of a friend can be a hard breaking experience. Or not. Can it always be a heartbreaking experience? So I hope you will be able to share your feelings and put them into words. So losing a friend is not an easy experience to get over and there is nothing time cannot heal

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Shyam Vijayan
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The whole world stand at the edge of friendship. The whole youth, the whole trees, all the plants, all the birds, even the flaps of the birds swings, even the microorganisms all need support. Even we humans without humanity needs support. Animals without animals, reality needs support. Even I need somebody support. Somebody needs my support. The whole rhythm of love and friendship is all about supporting element. That's all the thing. I appreciate your talent and greatness of your words. Just amazing
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Hello, Shyam. Thank you for applying on my swell. And yeah, you are also a gate writer, as you mentioned, that all of us need a friend in our life and someone wants me in their life, someone wants you in their life and we want someone in our life. So, yeah, as you mentioned, it all the birds and, you know, in the flaps of swings of the birds, they are also or some rithematic going on
Shyam Vijayan
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Anyway, thank you for your reply. Kind, replace. And what can I say? It's all about something called yeah, you said it. The whole world is sunrise with a matic tone. Sunrise. When I was in Megamalle is a place. And in Tamil Nadu, near to Penny I just saw couples who look after a resort named Guru, Swami and Mukama. Even after their marriage. After 40 50 years. 50 years even they don't have any issues with their relation