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Is Bharat jodo yatra a success or failure?

I want to draw your attention to the pain of the Kashmiri pundits. Targeted killings of Kashmiri pundits and other people are continuing in the valley. As part of Mambhara Jodaiyatra I met a delegation of Kashmiri pundits with Jammu who told me that government officials are forcing them to return to Kashmir in this situation without the guarantee of security. Forcing them to return to their work in Kashmir is a cruel move

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Priya kashyap
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Still it is being evaluated the effect of the journey and so many questions are arising from this journey which will really initiate the performance of this particular party to which Rahul Gandhi belong as we all know. So this yatra is creating lot of things to be risen up so many issues which are being running in our country. So this was all what I came to know through this
07_Khwaish Arora
@khwaishar2003 · 0:11
Very nicely said, Neha. I liked your content very much, and I would like to move forward with the content what you have taught. Thank you for these kind words
@Neha2004 · 1:55


Hello. Dat the fresh. So yeah, I agree with you that the government should address them rather than seeing them or call them a bag and providing them stuff and as you said that you are from Kashmir also and you are Muslim, so you know that situation better from us. We are in Delhi and then we are talking about these facts, these things
@krishna_speaks · 0:55


Very well said. Neha, you raised a very appropriate question here. And generally I don't talk about politics, but I agree with you each and every point that it's not appropriate to use such words for any kind of community or or any kind of individual. And that also in this a very huge program running on. Right. So I just agree with each and every point of yours. And I just want to say your information was quite helpful to gain knowledge about something which is going on
@Neha2004 · 1:34


But yeah, there can be some also negative impacts also but the negative pegs can only be seen by the news channels which are in a position which in favor of PJP. Or we can get to know about this. Negative impacts on the ground, on reality basis. The people who are living there, the people who met them and the peoples who are the part of this. Yattra so thank you for replying here
@Neha2004 · 1:47


Hello. Hi. Thank you for applying on my swell. And, yeah, you like my content, but if you like it, then I'm not sure that you are in favor of me. But you know that I'm a BJP supporter, but nowadays it's about hara Jodha Yatra. It's not very real successful or it cannot be a failure, but it's creating an impact in my mind also
@Neha2004 · 1:11


So we are in favor of this and another one opposition they are on another they are in favor of another party. So yeah, these are the things that we do and the Sahaja raytra as really successful. We can say that they have started what they want, they achieved. They moved from south of the India to north. So yeah, in their contest I think it is successful. So and as you agree with me so thank you for applying on my spell
Nidhi Jain
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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said his bhara Jodo Yatra has achieved success in changing the narrative in the country and brought crowds of people together to denounce hatred and spread the message of love. He alleged that the Bichepi and the RSS have created an atmosphere of hatred in the country and said suppressing or frightening people cannot stop the truth from coming out. The Yatra has achieved something fundamental, very powerful and what the Yatra has done cannot be changed
41_Diya Parjapati
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Well done here to make me information about I'm very impressed to your work. Thank you, Naya
54_Mahak Bansal
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Hi Neha. First of all, thank you so much for sharing this swell of Ajai's topic is success or failure. So means feeling unsafe according to me Kashmir so these were my views. Thank you so much for sharing this. Well, have a nice day. Take care
@Neha2004 · 1:15


Hello, Nidhi. Thank you for applying on Swell and yeah, as you well mentioned. And thank you for your information or for sharing two different opinions or some pros and cons. And you know the main motive of this para? Jodoyathra. So as you mentioned at the Congress at this para chordo yatra has a motive that they want to diminish the hatred among the peoples in our country that others which is raised by other parties like BJP and RSS according to you
@Neha2004 · 0:57


Thank you dear for applying on Swell and I'm very glad to know that you like Swell and you find it informative. But you can share your thoughts about this as I have asked a question, it lasted. Do you think that this halves was a success of failure of what do you think about Congress? Is there any impact it created any impact on your mind this hara chorayatra? Have your feeling changed?
@Neha2004 · 1:14


Hello Mac. Thank you for relying on my swell. But I am angry with you that if the Kashmiri pundits are feeling unsafe to live in Kashmir so they can live as it's their individual rights. But we can't let them go now it's their place for Bahamas because they are not feeling safe there then they are moving to a different place. But they want to stay there only. So it's our government responsibilities that they should make them feel safe there
@Humaira · 1:16
Jaspreet Kaur
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He alleged that the BJP and the RSS have created an atmosphere of hatter in the country and said suppressing or frightening people cannot stop the truth from coming out. Thank you
@Neha2004 · 1:39


Hello, Jaspreet, thank you for replying on my swell. And yeah, I'm very glad to know that you like my swell and you find it informative and you agree with my point. Okay. And as I am coming as I thought of your point of view. So as you said that, Congress Speaker Abul Khanhi on Tuesday states say that his hara jodha Yadra has achieved success in changing the narrative in the country and brought corrodes of people together
@Neha2004 · 1:50


Hello, Myra. Thank you for applying on my swell. And as you agree with my point, and as I have asked, is bharat bharat bharat bharat bharat bharat bharat jodo yatra success, failure, settled or well maintained type of answer. That we can't define. It can be a success or its failure
15_Prachi Aggarwal
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The point is like golden baggers and at all these comments are really hurting the people, hurt even those who are not related to this. Every time such kind of things that put that is started, that starts for people, for their own goods and with the political debates and with the various success point of view I don't know why but I feel bad regarding these kind of things
@Neha2004 · 1:58


They choose the words more carefully for putting their thoughts in front of us or anybody else in front of media. So they should choose their words very carefully for defining the situations and if they start some protest or anything or if there is voice against any of such problem so they should always stand on their don't mess with this or don't join this with politics. So it's going to be more difficult for the people who are living there
@Neha2004 · 0:53


So you can share your point of view here. And, yeah, if you agree with my points, then it's okay. And it's very interesting. So just we want to ask you the same question and just begin the conversation here. And, yeah, thank you for replying on Miss Well, and best of luck
@classykash14 · 1:01
Even the Yatra was very well organized and somewhat reflected Rahul Gandhi as a mature individual. But I think so the main motive or the chief aim of Bharat Bharat Jodo? Yatra? Success? Failure? Little hazy
@Garima. · 0:39
Hello, Neha. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative about I don't know what his success or failure, but politics view. Thank you so much. Thank you
@Neha2004 · 1:01


Hello. Classic ashes. Thank you for replying on myself. And yes, I agree with you as you and this question also hits an unended why did they start the Siatra last year by Madan Pahla? Start Koniki apart Koniki ABIQ and as you said that the main motive is still easy. So I also, you know, agree with your point of view that the main motive is what if it's a successful or failure?
@Neha2004 · 1:44


And as I mentioned, it can be successful failure at some points, it can be failure at another point. And yeah, I think also it's just a reason for getting the votes of people. We don't know anything. The people who live there, the people who are the part of this railing, this yatra, they can tell us more, better than other things, more clearly. So the ground in reality, we don't know