What would you bring to the feast, dear listener?

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Geetha Kariappa
@angelface7 · 3:11
Now, as we grow older, we have our own life, we grow apart, we have nuclear families and this, you know, even meeting each other or gathering together for festivals and, you know, the functions has become so rare because people are scattered everywhere
Neena Maiya
@neenamaiya · 1:38


Pa would gather all of us around and tell us all kinds of stories, and I think it bonded us as cousins. We're still very close, and I think that's the power of. That's one of the power of storytelling. I love what you say about gathering the young and the old all together. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one day in the year there was this sort of activity all around the world? I know what you mean about everyone being scattered. Such
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

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Valerie G
@ValBGood · 1:15
And just knowing in that moment how powerful a hug could be, that they would continue to share it. So what I would bring would be just giving hugs to everybody. So, thank you for just giving me that reflection and that just moment of enlightenment. So, thank you. And I look forward to many stories you have to tell and sharing
Neena Maiya
@neenamaiya · 0:59


Val, you won't believe this. This message that you've left, I've picked it up on the perfect day today, because I've had lots of little, little things going wrong. You know, it's like that water dropping. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. And it just gets to you. So your hug is just the perfect thing that I've received today. Thank you so very much. A friend taught me the power of hugs
Valerie G
@ValBGood · 0:41


Oh, Nina, thank you so much for the beautiful compliment. I never even thought of myself as having an accent, so that's actually pretty comical to me. But thank you. I do love listening to you talk. I'll be excited to hear the story, so thank you for letting me know that. And I will try to post one as well. I know I definitely will. So I can't say I can't guarantee you weekly, but I will read another story