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Neal Damiano

 · 1yr ago · 4:18
Review of the new Netflix exclusive horror film " There’s Someone Inside Your House" release 2021

"…But that doesn't take away from the story and the plot and the production of the film is done very well. Cinematography is fantastic. The acting is pretty decent, and like I said this, the plot is very interesting with the concept of we are one of the worst enemies, and the killer reveals some pretty shady stuff from each one of the victims. And at first you're trying to figure out who the killer is.…"

I discuss the new horror film "There’s Someone Inside Your House" interesting concept with some decent kills and gore . Influenced by 90s horror.


Jeffrey Prete

 · 1yr ago · 0:49

"…It's not like it's going to cost anything. If you already have a Netflix subscription, it's just a couple of hours or whatever of your times. So thanks for the review on this one.…"

Neal Damiano

 · 1yr ago · 1:06

"…Hey Jeff, thanks for the reply. Yeah. 3.5 I feel is an accurate and fear assessment of there's someone inside your house. Even with the the unique concept of the killer having the person's face as a mask before he kills them is an interesting and unique concept. It's still rather formulaic in the storyline, so I had to give it a fear middle of the ground rating, but that doesn't take away from the entertainment value.…"