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Neal Damiano

 · 1yr ago · 4:39
Happy Friday the 13th , counting down fun facts about the longest running horror franchise.

"…However, as soon as Jason re emerged from the water of the final original film to deliver the film's final scare, he became the focal point, obviously, but he still holds the title as the most prolific horror movie murderer of all time. Jason has been portrayed by more than ten actors, and I won't get into that for time reasons, but yeah, several people have played Jason. Jason wasn't always Deformed, the hard part icon we know and love, thanks to practical effects.…"

13 fun facts about the iconic franchise.

Jeffrey Prete

 · 1yr ago · 4:54

"…And I think her salary was, like, the biggest expense of the whole movie, as far as budget wise goes. And I think she only shot for, like, ten days or something like that. Or maybe I'm getting that mixed up with the part two scenes I can't remember. But I just remember Betsy Palmer didn't want to do it.…"

Part 1


Jeffrey Prete

 · 1yr ago · 2:48

"…I know there was a thing where and I think they did the same thing with Halloween, like they had multiple actors because they just didn't give a s*** since there was no speaking lines and they didn't want to have to fly somebody. I think for the first one, or maybe it was the third Friday, 13th, part three.…"

Part 2