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Nanie bhardwaj
@NanyBhardwaj045 · 1:49

Ai in Education.

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Hello. Good morning everyone. Today I am going to speak about importance of AI in education. So, AI has the potential to improve and accelerate student learning when used in conjunction with top notch learning and study materials. It can also assist students in gaining their bearings more quickly by letting academics know about issues that the human I cannot see. Assessments, games and virtual reality experiences can all be produced using AIbased Mets. In other words, AI in education won't be able to take role of teachers

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Rohit "ROSH" Sharma
@Foodographer · 4:37
The way each individual thing, each student is different. Certain students are very charismatic. Certain students are not very charismatic. They're very robust. They just listen and they're very visual. Certain people are auditory. They listen and they understand. Right? And certain students are realistic. They will kind of practice certain things, bit of listen and then they will understand. And AI cannot decide that. It will take, I think, ages to do that
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