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Niki Ebrahimnejad
@N1kkums · 1:51

What is your life motto?

So today's question that I have first will is one that we need to backtrack first. I need to give some context. So I was walking by, saw a group of performers with fans, and they were dancing toward you're, dancing to a very familiar soundtrack that I recognize easily. And it was from The Untamed

#introspection #principles #the untamed reference

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Noa Lily
@Noalily · 1:33
And instead of getting upset and overwhelmed and scared of what the future has to hold, I'd rather stay in the present and just appreciate all of these very real feeling moments, because when you look back on moments, they tend to feel very removed and it's hard to remember how you're feeling each, like sense what you smell in the moment, what you're tasting, touching, hearing, seeing
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