Facial recognition in the COVID-19 era

You can still recognize the rest of the person. And I'm like, no, I think I've been too harsh and I can understand where the design came from. So, yeah, that's just something I wanted to share. Masks can affect how we perceive a person or virtual mental image of them. And I think that's going to stay for a while, even at the pandemic dies down. Hopefully. Anyways, I hope you all have a nice, dry day

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Chloe Kaminskas
@chlomonsta · 1:30


Hi, Niki. This is such a great topic because the little anecdote you said about how you didn't recognize your friend in the study group was just like, something that I've completely resonated with me. And also, like, kind of funny story on my end is like, I had met this really cute guy, and then he had a mask on. I was like, oh, my God, he's so cute
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:56

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Well, I was just cut off there for a second. I was just wondering about eye recognition only now, without the face, just the phone eye just like this Minority Report movies. And then pretty soon we'll just be connecting with each other telepathically and not even have faces. Yeah, that will happen soon
Swell Team
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Lilah Klein
@LilahJane · 1:27
But sometimes you have to double check your directions. But in response to Chloe, I have been in similar situations, but there is an SNL sketch from last year. It's like a parody song, and it's about, like, dating someone. And it's like, let me finally see the bottom half of your face, and it's just funny. And then the person ends up not being that attractive. So I wish I could find it
Noa Lily
@Noalily · 1:45
But it's true when someone's wearing a mask, you fill in the blanks and you create an image of someone, and usually it doesn't look the way that they actually do. And I think the thing is, I don't even know how to say this without sounding bad. But when you're imagining a feature about someone, usually you're imagining, like, the most perfect way a feature can look, at least in your opinion, like the ideal feature
Niki Ebrahimnejad
@N1kkums · 1:05


I want to chime on something scary regarding facial recognition. So I had a computer a while back. I returned. It didn't work well, but I implemented facial recognition because it would be faster. And then my mom and was saying, Niki, I don't know. I was very secure. I'm like, why are you talking about facial recognition? No one can replicate my face and her words stuck with me. So one day I decided to do a test
Niki Ebrahimnejad
@N1kkums · 1:27


I was actually meeting some of my outreach team members for a hackathon coming up called Sid Hacks. If you want to know more about, just ask me. And we all only met online through the computer. We all were sitting down for most of our meetings. I made them in person. Honestly, I hadn't realized that everyone looked much shorter than I expected them to. I actually thought they were all the same height and another one