RJ Stanley
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electric car

It has to be like an SUV, right? I good ground clearance, rugged and really good range, 300 miles or more. What do you all think of of that? Are you looking for electric cars yourself? Appreciate your feedback. Thank you

searching for an electric car , what do you all think of them ?

Jeffrey Prete
@JeffP · 4:38
I'm not sure how many amps it needs, but it needs a lot. I think it might even be close to 50 just for that charger, 40 or 50. I'm not really sure, but that's the part of the electric car craze that I'm not too sure about, and they don't really talk about it too much. And the other thing is too, like at my house where I parked, it's not under cover, it's in the driveway
RJ Stanley
@Mzurisana · 1:58

Reply to jeff p’s great comments

Last time you get an oil change in our passage and go over to local Volkswagen dealer, maybe $800 or something. It's a bit much so. Yeah, Tesla's expensive. Them insurance will also be expensive on it. But the charger network. What I do understand about Tesla is that, yes, they have their own specialized charger network. Other cars cannot access that. But the Tesla can access their own network. And them access anybody else's, too
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Alex Harvey
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Hello? Hello. Yes, I would love. I'm looking. I've been test driving electric cars in the United Kingdom, though not in America. But I would say from the things you said. Sorry. That's my baby, that's the two and a half year old. I would definitely say Tesla Model X. It was amazing. Test drive. I test drive it about ten days ago. Absolutely amazing