Indy Rishi Singh
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How does sound affect you?

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So I'm listening to this amazing podcast about Sonics and the science of Sonics on our brain. And just a terrific podcast in itself if you want to learn about brain stuff. But it's really cool to you know it. For years, I've been doing sound baths and seeing the impacts of sound on people with Parkinson's and people in traumatized situations. How sound can literally, like calm, even a baby, a crying teething baby


Jared Bogda
@JCB07 · 1:24
But it's kind of interesting to hear or crumpling paper and what that impact has on people and what they think it is or what they wonder what it is. So there's always still some mystery
Finley Ave
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Cleansing vs anxiety provoking

Hey Andy, thank you for bringing this up. I had no idea. And I have been curious about this, honestly, about like, how sound actually does affect us because I didn't know that it would help Parkinson's and other babies that are stressed out, things like that. I had no idea. But I have been in a lot of sound baths myself, and I love the way that I always walk out of the room feeling lighter than I did before
Indy Rishi Singh
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The instructions melody?

And I wonder if you've actually heard that maybe in your pursuit of silence, in your pursuit of peaceful silence and your own inner silence. Do you guys know about the unstruct melody