Indy Rishi Singh
@MysticScientist · 0:24

What's your dream EGGNOGG?

So I've got a curious question out there for the curious Swellers. What is your version like, if you can create, develop your own version of eggnog. What kind of eggnog would you? Great. What's your dream? Ignog

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:20
Wait, can you clarify what's in eggnog so I can riff on it? Because I don't even know what's in that stuff. I mean, I've had eggnog, like, poured in with rum, but it's always a mix and it's disgusting generally. So what is eggnog? And then let me riff on the variation of that. But I just don't know what it is
Jessica McMillan
@JLMcMillan · 1:09
Yeah. I wonder, too, if maybe eggnog once included actual eggs. And I think it might. For the dairy version, I've been drinking the non dairy version for so long, so my ideal version would have to be non dairy, which actually allows me to appreciate it more. I remember the dairy stuff being super thick
Swell Team
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Jared Bogda
@JCB07 · 1:06


Hey, I'm right there with you. I drink the Caliphia Farms nondairy. I believe it's almondbased eggnog just because you're right. I don't know what is an eggnog. I don't trust drinking things that might have raw egg in them or just the consistency, too. I think it's the thickness. So I don't think we're drinking eggnog because we love the taste per se of the eggs and the thickness. I think it's more for the sweetness of it