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Mass Formation (psychosis)

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What are your ideas? Do you see any of the conditions of mass formation happening in the past year or two years, or are people leaning into it more now, do you think there's a glitch for people to see that they're in a mass formation or to admit that they're in one because of their ego and the inability to reconcile with your intelligence being or you being tricked despite your intelligence or pedigree or whatnot? So what are you guys thoughts on mass formation

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My hot take.

But there was a study and it was a group of people, like ten or twelve, where all but one were actors, and they were asked a question. All of the actors purposely answered the question incorrectly when it came to the person who was unaware. They also answered incorrectly, even though they knew the correct answer. I don't think we could say that that was mob thinking or mob mentality. I don't think we can say that that was any sort of psychosis
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Thank you, Indie, that remind us that there's a new phrase around the corner. So what's the next one going to be? I haven't heard this before, and now I do. And I love the picture, by the way. That's what drew me to this. So here's for the pick
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So thanks for sharing your take as well too. And indie. Thanks for sharing this topic for us to really think about and think about your day to day life too and the others around you and how we all do this thing called life together
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Thank you all! and sheesh 🤦🏾‍♀️

Hello. Hello, Indy. Deborah. Christina Jarrett, thank you all for all that you've said. And I am in alignment. I have never heard of this and was listening did a Google search. And then it was like, I guess Seth Rogen has a podcast. Somebody was on there and he was explaining it. And I didn't even get through the article because I was just like, what is this? So don't want to know
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Mass formation of kindness/tolerance/common ground

Okay, well, it can be used to make people not like each other and hurt each other. That's one way it could be used or ignore the facts or ignore changing one's mind based on new information. Or it could be a movement of love and coming together in common ground and solving problems and issues that's that affect everyone, literally. So just thinking like that way too. I just think like that now more than anything is I don't like to create polarization with my thoughts

How did you come to a positive spin? @MysticScientist

And my impression, typically with mob thinking is that the individual gets lost in the way that we consider things. And so on. I think it's hard for me to wrap my head around. And maybe you can help me with this that losing one's ability to question or analyze or consider or even match up something against one's personal values. If this is something that falls by the wayside when influenced by a group, I don't understand how that can be a positive thing
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And maybe that illness is megalomania or self righteousness and that in itself can become very detrimental. We've seen a lot of people use the idea of doing good for the greater good and that's causing a lot of harm on people. Okay. And then the other positive spin is what if mod mentalities are the same thinking as used to feed people almost to the point where it's like we're feeding people beyond what we could have ever thought

Still confused,but understand the sentiment. @MysticScientist

It's always written in quotes, and it doesn't seem to be discussed in reference to already agreed upon terms. There's not reference with respect to group action versus group behavior, reasons behind this kind of thing, et cetera. So I begin to wonder if the things that you're describing would fall under different terminology