Eleanor Roosevelt is my spirit human!

But she wants the extra mile to take care of people who are marginalized to actually plant the seeds so that they can be taken care of for generations. And if we had more people like that that have privilege. And even if the privilege is very minute, right. But especially some people in this world, I've noticed I just noticed, personally, intuitively speaking or whatever. There's a lot of privilege in this community itself. But then there's like the second degree, third degree

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India’s OG feminist reformer: https://s.swell.life/SSSjuA

What's up, Indy Superpost. And, you know, as you know, I'm from India. And I think of some of the female icons in India that have done remarkable things for the country, and some of them have come from and privilege, of course. But I suppose it doesn't really it all boils down to what you're about at heart. Right
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Helen Keller https://s.swell.life/SSSneL6bbnzLOvX

But someone ever since I was a kid that has really been an inspiration for me is Helen Keller, and I'm going to link her Wikipedia here just for folks who may not be super familiar with her story. But I want to read a brief paragraph that just explains partially why I admire her so much. So the paragraph says Keller was a prolific author, writing 14 books and hundreds of speeches and essays on topics ranging from animals to Mahatma Gandhi
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You don't have to be privileged to experience it. You could be experienced in different ways. But, you know, when people go through some sort of tribulation trial and they're tested and they overcome it. Wow. What a beautiful superpower they gain being able to go and serve others. And I always encourage people to that if you're struggling and you're suffering yourself, the best way to heal is to actually be of service to others who might be suffering similarly