The Psychonaut's View

Has anybody done psychedelics or has psychedelic experiences? You don't need external things. In my opinion, you can access psychedelic experiences through breath, meditation, ecstasy, a lot of different ways. O*****. So I wonder, what do you guys feel about the psychonaut's view, right? Like, we have the astronauts perspective. We have the common man's perspective. There's all these different perspectives. But what about a Psychonauts perspective?

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:59

This is so .... vast!

And when you cross into this conversation about psychedelics, it seems so incongruous. Like, how could you talk about going on a trip with psychedelics and doing important work for return on investment? How do you marry those two worlds? And I think it's just fascinating that you're bringing those two together. And who do we look towards to help guide us to be more exceptional and more productive and more open. And it's just a fertile place to think about what our potential is
Cooper Gray
@coop · 1:40

First swell!

So I downloaded this app yesterday and this will be my very first swell. I guess you'd call it. And I feel very qualified to answer this question. Probably done DMT over 50 times. I used to grow mushrooms, so I've experimented with them and pretty high doses. And I've also done quite a bit of LSD as well. And my major takeaways, especially from Psilocybin and DMT, is that consciousness is definitely not generated by the brain in reality or at least in my reality