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Linda Smith
@myoriginals · 0:34
So today I wanted to just share with everyone that I'm really excited about having launched my new company and website. And it's called Lindasmith. Com. It's really a marketing agency to help start up since small to medium sized companies. And I've got over 25 years of marketing expertise that I'm really looking to share with other organizations. So that's my share for today. Thanks

Launched my new marketing and web agency

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Daniel Hastings
@dlhastings · 0:33


I have a creative shop, too, so trying to find ways to use Swell to sort of talk about what I do and what we're doing here in the studio. And I'll look forward to hearing more from you
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phil spade
@Phil · 0:47
Hey, Linda, Congratulations. That sounds very exciting. And I'm curious as to whether this is your first agency or whether it's a new agency coming on. But there's a lot of entrepreneurs on on Swell and in the Swell community. So I'd really be interested to learn a little bit more about how you came to decide that and what the thought process and decisions were to creating your own agency because it sounds exciting. And I think it's the absolute right time to start a business
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