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Anime anyone?

Do you watch Anime? If so, what do you watch


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A lot of people don't like it, but I love it. I love the fact that the anime does not take it so seriously that it's not trying to be a very dark and deep anime. There are parts to it where it can be dark and deep, but ultimately it is just an etching harem anime fantasy, and it's funny and it's a really good anime that you should check out. Yeah, that's the stuff that I watch
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But I'll watch anything if the plot is good. 👍

To be fair, I usually won't watch an anime unless it's a little bit messed up. There's got to be something kind of off or weird about it in order to draw me, draw me in if it if it's like a drama or you know, just like a love story. Very romance. I don't know. It doesn't do it for me
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Welcome to Swell!

Auhona Dutta
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I tried to watch. What do you watch? Like, I've recently, like today on the I finished Monster, which, by the way, I'm so unsatisfied. You get it if you watch it. But yeah, I watched things like ranging from berserk to, like, kiminitodoke. Also, like, it's a wide range. What drawing do you watch?