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Staley vs Cobain

Lane Staley from Allison Chains or Kurt Cobain from Nirvana. Who is your favorite Nineties Grunge rock singer

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Average Joe
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So out of those two Staley, and then if we're doing the rest of the Seattle scene, then Cornell, because Cornell was badass, too. And I'm going because I can't Vetter is like a parody. He became a parody. Like people started mimicking his style, which I don't really like. So then I'll put Cobain then better. Yeah. I think that's how it'll work for me, but definitely Staley in the top place, far in the way
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Staley FTW

You can definitely tell that Staley was singing how he felt, and that's just a huge thing for me, being artists, being Truthful, how they're feeling and what they're doing. If Kurt Cobain did it, he just didn't really sell it for me. As far as better. I've heard a couple of the songs, man, but I can't really get into it
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Taylor J
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I think it was a few months before his death, and his performance of Nutshell is just one of the greatest things that I think the music world will ever be graced with. It is absolutely the most soulful thing that I think you can ask for from a musician. And I'm not trying to knock Kurt Cobain. I just think that the novelty kind of wears off after a while with Nirvana. They just don't quite have the songwriting prowess
Average Joe
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But when smells like teen spirit hit the scene, right? Radio was dead. You had the worst of the hair bands like Trickster and Garbage at the back end, right where it was all just completely f***** out. And then you had Phil Collins and Gloria Stefan. That was Top 40 radio. So when that came along, it was like a godsend, right? Like you were just like, wow
Taylor J
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And there are a couple of other instances in metal that remind me of that moment. For Lane Staley at MTV Unplugged, there's Chuck Schultener recording The Sound of Perseverance, the Last Death album before he died of, I believe, brain cancer. There's a song on that album called To Forgiveness, to Suffer. And there's a guitar solo in the middle of that song. And if you listen to that, you know, that guy is waiting, I guess, to meet his maker
Taylor J
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Figure I'll just link these songs here for you. So this is to forgive us, to suffer by death. Very, very harsh vocals. You might not be into it, but the guitar solo is phenomenal
Taylor J
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And then here we have the Architect song Gone With the Wind. I would recommend listening to the lyrics. I think they're actually included in the description. This guy was dying of cancer when he wrote this. And I believe only the band members and family members knew no fans were aware that he was sick. So when he passed away, these lyrics had a whole new meaning, that's for sure
Average Joe
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I'll definitely check out those tracks you mentioned. There's also a cool when Staley was doing Mad Season, there's a live performance of him and Mark Lange again from Screaming Trees. He's doing Long Gone Day from that album, which is really cool too, again towards the end of Lane's Run in the same way you can kind of see that the drug had taken their toll and he was still just deeply into it for the music
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I really dig that Architects track. That's a really solid track. And yeah, those lyrics are pretty ominous in, well, now retrospect. It's pretty crazy here's. Here's the Long Gone Day track. I figured since I mentioned it, I'd throw the link here to
Taylor J
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Okay. That cover was everything I needed. And more. I love that collaboration so much. Alison James, Dallas Green. Oh, love it
Arish Ali
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Dissenting vote for Kurt Cobain

I spent a lot of my time listening to them, and I put it that way and during my College days, so I have fond memories of that group. But this is fascinating, amazing kind of song clips and links you guys have posted here. Listen to that nutshell unplugged. It's really cool. So I'll check out some of the other music from this. Thank you. Bye