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article image placeholderThe Bartender - Ajeeb Dastan (Official Full HQ Version)
Hey, swell, it is Friday. And while most of the music I listen to is in English, I live in India, which is a country with so many different languages and great music in each of them. I wanted to share this remix of a famous Hindi song song which translates to what a strange story this is. I hope you guys enjoy this and I also hope that it helps you unwind. I would love for you guys to share a song in your home language from your favorite artist


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Mikhail Bilokopytov
@NotDelic8 · 0:02


Hello from Ukraine
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Anirban Dhar
@onir · 1:37


And I think it kind of very subtly influenced me when I was making my first film, my brother Nicole. So every time I listen to this song, I just feel very careful. It's a very emotional song
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Yoshitaka Tominaga
@Yoshi · 0:17


Hi Karan I'm Yoshi let me share one of my favorite Japanese songs. It's Marino Sadistic. Sang by Shiny Ringo, one of the most famous Japanese female artists. I hope you enjoy it
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Alonso García
@Alo8kta · 0:08


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Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 0:12


Hey Karan, thank you for sharing this song. It happens to be among my alltime favorites and I enjoyed listening to all the other songs shared here I am sharing a song in my mother tongue Malayalam
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Max Schädlich
@schmooox · 0:05


Hey, Karan, thanks for inviting. I'm sharing a song from Germany
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Hi, everyone. The first I need to say sorry for my English. What about song? I'm from Russia. And now I love one singer. Her name is Rita Dakota, and she has, I don't know, new hits. And I wanted to share with everyone this music in this song, their words are why do we close our eyes when we pry?
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@vinivillalba · 1:18

Chabuca Granda, La Flor de la Canela, Lima 1953

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Roomi Tarik
@roomi · 3:11

اردو 🇵🇰 - Hello, from Pakistan. https://youtu.be/Q3TI27IN7X0

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of that song in India because it's that popular, but the purpose is the showcase of all the instruments that are played in our country, because if I can put any song, there are so many Indians here on Swell, so they'll get every song, almost every song, any song that I post by Nuri, by Artif, any song I post over here, they're going to catch immediately
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Ruslan St
@seo · 0:01


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Dzakye M
@dzakyem · 1:52

From Valais, a song in the Arpitan of Savièse, https://youtu.be/BNd1fW20Gu4

She was born in 38 and in the village people stopped talking that language in. But anyway, you can have a flavor of this language. I have to sing this song on the basis of Swiss German song. That is a song not corresponding exactly to my part of Switzerland's culture. But anyway, it was to make some publicity for Swiss tourism so that people come to Switzerland and visit it so you can enjoy it
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