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A are we all the same?

Student Life

"…And it's not wrong to point out those differences. It's not wrong to point out the differences of the cats and the Lions. So why is it wrong to point out the differences between black and white or black and Asian or Mexican and white? Why is that a problem? Like we all have the same thoughts? We all think the same way we do not. So it's just a general question. What do you guys feel about that? Do you feel that we're all different?…"



Meranda Troutt

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"…This is a very interesting swell. And I think it's a pretty loaded question. I think that you're going to have if people hop on, I think you're going to have a bunch of different experiences and opinions on this topic. For me, the first thing that I thought in the end of my thought process was it's not about talking about differences. It's about how we view the term differences.…"


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Average Joe

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"…I know just as little of what it's like to be a black man or a black woman or a Latino or an Asian as any of those groups know what it's like to be me. And I'm not doing the poor, oppressed white guy, you know, not doing that gag.…"


Mtwadamela Ijogo

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"…That's how you make a whole race of people disappear without actually physically killing them. You take their language away and you insert your language in. Why is that? Because every language carries its own conceptual reference, its own conceptual frame of reference. It's that's just a fancy way of saying their own way of looking at things. Each language carries that. It's inherent in the language. So if you take I'll give you an example.…"


phil spade

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"…Emptois. I found myself nodding at the original swell here because, you know, the differences are exactly what I have always wanted to know. And let me just relate that to my experience. And I ran nonprofit organization, and I was the President and merch out to your statement. The way I kind of defined differences was, hey, I came from a certain income.…"

I like to ask what am I missing?


Mtwadamela Ijogo

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"…Hey, Phil, what's up? Let me. Let me give everybody another analogy that I always use. You have five fingers on your hand. Most people have five fingers on your hand. Each finger is shaped different and performs a different function. It takes all five fingers, even though they're separate. It takes all five of them performing their functions as they were meant to. To make a fist.…"


Unity Eagle

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"…Well, this is probably the best analogy I heard since ages, and I couldn't agree more with you. So thank you so much for sharing. And I'm really looking forward to hearing more of your analogies.…"

Best analogy I’ve heard in ages 🙏


Vincent Strader

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"…And as long as you're trying to hold your perspective versus somebody else, unless you can take some sort of magic pill and fill all their experiences and have full empathy for what they've had to go through, then you really can't understand what their situation is fully. You just have to appreciate that we're all different. I don't believe anyone needs to be an extra thumb. I like all the different fingers, and I like all the variety and all the differences.…"

That gives a New meaning to being all thumbs


A are we all the same?

@Mtwadamela · 2yr ago · 3:13


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