Mulan movie review

I don't see anything on here as of yet, so I think I'll be the first one to put this out. I saw the movie Mulan yesterday, watched it with my my wife, and I got to give that two big thumbs up. One of the best movies of the year so far. Hands down. I recommend that if you have not seen this movie, please go see it. Please stream it


Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:45
I know that the songs were taken out for the most part, it's a much more serious film from what I've heard, I personally am really excited for that, but I know others that aren't do you think that they did a good job with the film in the sense that those that might be apprehensive to it will actually end up enjoying can't
Mtwadamela Ijogo
@Mtwadamela · 0:54
Kali Gooner, let me tell you something. I think they're gonna enjoy it even more. I'm telling you, man, this this this movie here is better than the animated version. It's better, better. It takes you through every range of emotion. Through this movie, you will feel it
Average Joe
@AverageJoe · 1:20
This movie is being targeted because the lead star apparently said something regarding the Hong Kong protests that she supports the police and the government or something like that. So she is being targeted. This has nothing to do with the quality of the film. It's a campaign of cancel culture. So that one caveat. I would add to the conversation. But other than that, I was really surprised at how well done this was
Mtwadamela Ijogo
@Mtwadamela · 1:00
The setting, the costumes, everything. Everything about that movie, everything. So everybody drop what you're doing today. It's Labor Day. Let this be a labor of love for the movie. Moolah, can you do that
Shammi Mohamed
@shammi · 1:11
I particularly enjoyed the ending ready to go out of the way, to just leave things open ended and not necessarily hook her up with the guy. Regardless, I would thank you for the recommendation, and I would second it if you haven't watched Moolool on just go ahead and watch it. And I think the $30 is well worth it. You'd spend a lot more if you actually went out for a movie night
Mtwadamela Ijogo
@Mtwadamela · 1:04
How many of your kids or your wife or even you cried at any point during this movie? Because there were a few tear jerking scenes in this movie. Is there anyone that's going to admit? Is there any man out there going to admit that you dropped a couple of tears like Denzel in the movie Glory at one little tear dropped down his face. It's there anybody out there? Any men at all