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"…This song right here expresses how I feel about America and my place in it right now, so I'd like everybody to check it out. Tell me what you think.…"


Rachel Sellers

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"…All I can say is, wow, that song wraps it all up. I tell you, KRS one he is on it. And I think every Black person in America, Erica, should hear this song and just take it to heart. Use it. Wow. Great, great song.…"


Swell Team

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York Campbell

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"…And that's for us. When we stay within our walls as black people, then everything seems safe. We rap, we dance, we tell jokes, play basketball. Everything is safe. But if we venture out of those walls into on Chartered territories, then they don't really like that much. But that goes for every group. So I definitely enjoy the song.…"

We need to rebel against the stereotype


"…I think this was done back in 2016 or 17, but, yeah, the message is definitely accurate. If we as a black, people start sounding too educated or if we start saying things that are Truthful and we're not talking about, you know, what we have been labeled as like, the stereotypes, then yeah, people start to look at us funny and be like, what are you talking about? Why are you talking about that?…"

#krsone #Blm


phil spade

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"…I don't have too much else to offer, but just enjoy listening to this. Well, thank you.…"

#bdp Thanks for posting


Mtwadamela Ijogo

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"…Yeah. This is for Phil and for Brother York. I want to respond real quick to something York said about Osama turning Osama to a terrorist. It was actually the the United States that did that because we are the ones that trained him. When Afghanistan was fighting Russia in the 80s, they trained Osama and the CIA, and everybody trained him. They created him. But the other point I wanted to hit on with Phil is, yeah. I've been playing and listening to KRS One since 1986.…"


Matthieu Hallieu

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"…Great song K-R-S One great song.…"

Great song

Matthieu Hallieu

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"…Hey, York, I like what you said there choosing to follow. Here, you hear, say my name is Matt. I like what you said there about staying within the wall, certain protocols and all this and how you know, there's nothing wrong with comfort, but with a false pretense that maybe we're avoiding the temporary, uncomfortable interaction that might lead to a lot more freedom and democratization, of social mortgage and things about race and ethnicity.…"

KRS 1 message is a honest one

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