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Mark Smithivas
@msmithivas · 1:03

Thursday thoughts

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I'm a busy parent, and so often our weekends are filled with other things related to our two kids. So it's a busy day overall, but I want to just record a quick conversation on here and pair it up with a photo that I took outside on the sidewalk near our home. So hope everyone's having a productive Thursday
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Kendra Dobson
@Kendra3240 · 0:19
So true about Thursdays. I feel like I just wrapped up my week right now. Got all the important stuff done by today. So Friday, tomorrow is the beginning of my weekend. And Whoa
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Mark Smithivas
@msmithivas · 0:14
Hey Kendra, thanks for replying. I'm glad to hear that you got everything done and ready to start the weekend. Got any interesting or fun plans for this weekend? Let me know
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