I Go to An Expensive Gym and It’s Worth It

I've built a lot of friendships through this way of working out, and it's really worked for me. But I think that everybody has to choose the path that's best for them financially and on a health level as well. And so I do have a Planet Fitness membership as a backup, but I think that sometimes you can get lost in the big gems, the big gyms. You can kind of get lost in the flow of everything. So, yeah, that's my swell

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Kwa NateKo
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Some Care Anyway

There are definitely people who care you'll see some very, very in shape people there because I think once you get familiar enough with workout equipment it and you've reached a certain not even reach a certain level when you know what you're doing. You know, $10 a month is a good month, a really good deal if you know how to use the equipment. The answer I would say is yes