Christian Men Offer Their Faith….but what else?

Why can't they have that same level of leadership? Why are they the ones complaining about having to provide for their families and work to take care of their families? Why are they the main ones complaining about this? But yet you have men and other religions and faiths who understand this is my role. This is my job, and I do it with no problem because I understand this is what I'm supposed to do. This is what God put me here to do

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People all have varying personalities and different drives they conclude that make the "perfect partner."

I believe that it's a culmination of all of these things together. And not that one outweighs another in any way, but what they align with you as an individual and me as an individual in any given relationship. Because as I stated, what's important to you is very different from what's important to me. And as long as you're able to stand back and see the important things for you, that's great. You know, look for someone that fits within that mold
Tanya Coles
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I believe that God has put us here to fulfill an earthly purpose, and I want a husband that is focused on fulfilling his earthly purpose, whatever, aside from being a husband and a father, whatever that looks like. But I've never said I wanted a man who made more money than me. I never said I wanted a man I could compete with, because I am not one of those women that believes that me and my man are partners. That's my husband
Angela Kaye
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He's not gonna sit around, you know, glued to the tv all day because he's got hobbies and he's got friends and, you know, he can introduce me to a world, you know. Oh, let me take you fishing. Let me take you hiking. I know guys have taken me to trails because, you know, it's what they do for their workouts. And I'm like, wow, I never knew this was back here
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I'm the only one out of my immediate family that loves to travel and that will hop on a plane, a train, or wherever in my car and go wherever they like to stay close to home. Some people don't like to travel. I get that. But, you know, one guy had mentioned that to me about, you know, what if you. What if your husband doesn't like to travel?
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So I stand firm in my faith as a Christian, because I didn't. I wasn't born into this, you know, I chose it as an adult. However, I have a lot of respect for the muslim community. I have a really good friend who's Muslim. She's also my fitness coach, but she's, like, one of the dopest people I ever met
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I agree with you, too, about the script prosperity scriptures. There's more scriptures on prosperity than any other scriptures in the Bible. And so I understand, you know, I'm only 34, but I used to be that young guy that had no ambitions and no goals. I know scripture, and I know this and that. And that's why I thank God for the church I'm in now. That part of the mission of the church is to, it says into
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Like, what are we doing to save up for our retirement? What are we doing? How are we investing our money, you know, outside of a home and outside of sowing into God's kingdom? Like, how are we investing our money? Do we have investments? Do we own other property, things like that? And people will look at it as you trying to spend someone's money. But no, I believe in generational wealth