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House of #EdTech on Swell - Ep 1

Hi, this is Chris NESI, the host of the House of Ed Tech podcast. The House of Ed Tech explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach and the impact that technology is having in the world of education. Whether you use it or not, technology is changing the way we teach and how our students learn. Thanks for checking me out on Swell. The purpose of my presence here on Swell is to engage with you

Welcome to the podcast on Swell! This is the podcast for Educators and Leaders who want to better integrate #edtech in their classes and schools!

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A number of educators hopped on here on Swell to talk about their experiences during distance learning the last few months, and I think that you would enjoy it. Thanks again. Bye
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Excited for more ed tech talk!

Well, really, I started in 2008 but was going full steam ahead in 2010, and by the end of my career in higher Ed publishing, I was really working in developing digital education tools since we were beginning to see a big increase in them being used in classrooms and also with the advance of online classes and all of that long story short, I ended up going back to Grad school and became an instructor at the College level for writing and everything I've learned in my various roles in education
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Welcome to Swell!

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And we've been bringing emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and mixing in some academic intelligence into doing online play shops and will be moving to do something really interesting disruptor in the physical space as well. So we asked him to talk to you about it and share more. And maybe I could even be a possible podcast interview subject. Might be fun there. Worth checking out what I do. Www. Dot. Iliving guru. And I'll put it in the post too
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