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Christopher Nesi
@mrnesi · 1:22

House of #EdTech on Swell - Ep 3

article image placeholderBe Excellent with #EdTech - HoET164 - Christopher J. Nesi | House of #EdTech
He's got some great thoughts and he shares two great House of Ed Tech recommendations and a fantastic House of Edtech VIP. So I hope you go and check out episode 164 again. Chrisnesy. Com 164 and if you're not subscribed podcast, go to chrisnessie. Com go, thanks for listening and I'll swell you later

Promo for episode 164 with Derek Larson filling in for me as host. Visit

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:39
Hey, Chris, I just wanted to say, that, man, you are a superhero. You know, I was a teacher for about six, seven years, and it's a difficult job. So for you to be taken on all of this and to have your children. And I mean, that's a lot of work. So hats off to you. I also wanted to say I recommended the House of Edtech to a few of my teacher friends who have quite enjoyed it
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