Naughty langur!

So I just went a little bit slower. And to my shock, this little guy, he just stood up and he started peeing like literally, he was aiming it on me. It was a narrow miss, or else it would have landed right on my head. So I was amused. Like how this little monkey is able to do all this. But still, I took a few steps back and I got this beautiful shot. So this was one funny incident that happened in one of my journeys
Deborah Pardes
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Men peeing like langurs

It's kind of a horrific story in the sense that it was traumatic for me. But I'm okay now. It would happen when I was 22 and I'm quite a bit older now. But I was a tour guide in New York City, working at the South Street Seatport Museum. And occasionally I would take people out on this beautiful old boat and give them a tour of Manhattan from the water. And one day on a Friday, we were coming back into the slip
Mridhu B R
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@DBPardes 😢

I'm very sorry that this happened to you and you had to undergo all this. It's really like it's horrible what they did to you. And I don't understand why they do that to people who are like, absolutely random stranger, and it can be very traumatic. I can absolutely understand. And I'm really sorry you had to undergo this. And in fact, I'm really sorry that this picture has to remind you of that awful incident
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Welcome to Swell!

Deborah Pardes
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Hey. Thank you so much for that. And for your compassion. And it's all good. I just wonder what those guys are doing now 20 years later, and I hope their behavior is better and they're being kind to the people in their lives. That's my only hope so. I still want to those beautiful little languors. They look adorable, even though they might misbehave. Thank you for your post
Clay Lowe
@soulcruzer · 2:55
So my story is somewhere in between these two. It was back in my army days and we were out on a night patrol, and it wasn't a war time scenario. It was a training scenario. So we were, you know, we were out in a sort of training area practicing for real world scenarios. And it happened to be a moonless night, and we were in the woodland
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He just took my Tiffan Duba, the Tiffany box. And he just ran away. And I can't remember, but that Tiffany Duba had my favorite food. So I was chasing across the monkey, and my friends were all shouting from there, and my teachers were calling me. It was like, let me see who's going to get the Dubai or that monkey. And I was just chasing it around