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Feelings Heart Break Hits

Well, this will be my first single song, swell, and I'll probably do a few of these because this is one of the reasons I joined swell as part of my self therapy to do a lot of talking, to join in conversation with people. And a project that I'm currently working on is called Heartbreak Hits. You'll find these songs on my Instagram, which is OC write hits

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Angela Kaye
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Hey Mister D. I definitely was feeling hahaha. The song feelings is so relatable. You're definitely giving me some Brian knight vibes. Boys to men. And not that you're trying to imitate nobody. But bringing me back to what I like to call real r and B, where we sang about real things. And I remember being a teenager singing half these songs, didn't even know what real heartbreak was or love or any of these things. Oh, but now I know
Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:54
What's up, d? Killer voice, man, and way to use it. I'm impressed. The lyrics are phenomenal, and I think many men could probably relate to that sentiment. That experience of having somebody you love, and maybe women, too, you know, not to leave anyone out. I think men and women can all, not all, but oftentimes resonate with that message of somebody just deciding one day that they're done walking out
Sarita pramod
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Hi, Mister D. I saw this page and I really wanted to see how many artists are out there. And I'm guilty of skipping the first introduction part because I really wanted to listen to the music. You have a beautiful voice and beautiful lyrics, and I just kept on listening and I was. I felt so calm and so relaxed. Give up the great work and keep boasting. Thank you