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My start-up idea

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Hey guys, this is Rizwan and I am back with a NewsWELL. So today I'm going to speak about my startup idea. So my idea is to build an application which plays the music. And in addition to this, the person to those who are playing the same music get connected to each other. So the profit. And in other words, we can say the benefit of this idea is that the person can understand each of the feelings and they can share each other's feelings

This swell is about y start-up idea. Please listen till last so that you can understand it clearly. If any doubt or clarification is needed, do reply

Manav Jain
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This can be a nice way to make friends online and find people who share the interest as same as you. I hope you like my suggestion and if you want and interested we can work on this site by India
Rizwan pathan
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Hi. Good morning, Nano. This suggestion is nice, and advice is also nice. So the so you hike out, we could work together. So I'm going to show you I'm going to text you about this matter. Thank you. Bye
satish dama
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Hi. Good morning. This man. So today I have presented as well the startup idea. It's a nice and very good startup idea. In fact, you can hire a web developer and you can start not your startups. It's a nice idea to combine the couples or make the couples or in fact, to make two people connect each other for understanding each other's feelings. I yeah, I hope you will implement in the future soon. Bye
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