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Question of the Week, July 19th: What scene in a movie always gives you goosebumps every time you watch it?

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"…But outside of that, in recent memory, I saw the film Annihilation, and I loved every single moment of it. I thought it was just brilliant. And I have to say that for probably the last 30 minutes of the movies, I had Goosebumps the entire time, I was speechless. I don't think I took more than a handful of breaths the entire time. At least that's what it felt like.…"

Whether it’s induced by fear or excitement, tell us about THAT scene!


Sohini Joarder

@Rover_Phoenix · 1yr ago · 1:19

"…This very scene reminded me of all the things that I felt while watching this movie. I think it I think it released in 2018 or 2019. I'm not sure, but I started watching this film. It was a Netflix original. I started watching it for NATO Lee Portman because I love her acting. She's awesome. But then the firm turned out to be so it was a lot. It was not just a threat.…"


Average Joe

@AverageJoe · 1yr ago · 1:14

"…And Walt says, Well, if that's true, if you don't know who I Ram, then my suggestion is, you tread lightly. That moment was one of the most gangster moments I've ever seen on a television show because it set the tone moving forward in the biggest, baddest way. And it was a pivotal moment in the show's history. And I still think about that. And it still resonates with me the exact same way that it did.…"


Swell Team

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Ram Younani

@Ram · 1yr ago · 3:53

"…And through everything, the respect he had with his students and the students having respect equally back to him, that to me just makes me want to cry every time I watch it. In fact, I'm not talking about it right now. I'm going to go pull the blue Ray out right now. I'm going to watch it tonight because it's just such a fantastic movie. It's so well acted, so well written. It's such an underdog of a film, literally.…"

Star Trek: TMP & Mr Holland's Opus 😭


Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 1yr ago · 1:24

"…Taylor, this is a great question, and I've been thinking about it a lot. I don't tend to get goosebumps, and maybe it's because I don't watch scary movies and even the thrilling movies I watch. I think I only get goosebumps on the big screen. And so watching something on my TV, I will still hold my breath. There are definitely clips that take my breath away.…"

Harold and Maude


Robyn W

@BeaumouManatee · 1yr ago · 4:10

"…Oh my gosh. So many great movies listed here, just to start with a few of the answers that I related to. I love Harold and Mud, and that the last three minutes always. Okay. I saw Annihilation about a year ago, and that's one that I'd like to watch it again. It was super thought provoking and went in quite a different direction than I was expecting. For me, the most hair raising part of that particular film was the bear.…"

Dark Knight and Fellowship of the Ring


Neal Damiano

@NealD · 1yr ago · 0:57

"…Hey, Taylor, great question. And the scene that automatically comes to mind without a doubt, which I've mentioned before is 1982 is the thing when they do the blood sample Bull test when they're all lined up and McCrady has the little glass vial of blood and they have to cut each of their fingers with a scalpel to test the blood to see who is the thing. It's one of the most suspenseful scenes in cinema history in my opinion.…"


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