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Just watched the Departed and it left me confused about the Oscars.

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"…Mark Wahlberg received a nomination for best supporting actor, and it just made me kind of question, like, why I know that's kind of strange because I just Typed this movie up. But when I'm thinking about the films that people really associate with Scorsese, like Casino and Goodfellas and Taxi Driver and Raging Bull and all these movies, I think that they're better movies, and that could just be my opinion.…"

How did this film net Scorcese an Oscar, but not Goodfellas or Casino. Not trying to hate on the Departed, I love it...but I am confused.


Neal Damiano

@NealD · 1yr ago · 4:49

"…He made them for the people, and that's his best work when he makes films truly for the common man and people. His best character centered film, I believe, is Taxi Driver without a doubt. But to answer your question, I think he should have been recognized way before the departed. But again, it's the Academy Awards. So I'll leave it at that. Bye.…"

Neal Damiano

@NealD · 1yr ago · 0:25

"…I just wanted to add here, and I can't believe I forgot this film. It's one of Martin Scorces best films of all time. And that is the King of Comedy, where he utilizes Robert De Niro. In my opinion, the best Trailblazing film, highly influential, speaks volumes about society and celebrity obsessed culture.…"


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