Jewish Word: Fake Jews

You're talking about very specific possible groups that are connected to today's Jews, and then it's very easy for someone to jump around on that, point to it and say, ha, see, they're not the real Jews, or something like that. And look, today is a line that's definitely popular with a lot of fundamentalist Christian groups. It's grown popular with Black, Hebrew, Israelites, Nation of Islam, and a large number of conspiracy theorists

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Jack .
@zejacques · 1:01
And it is definitely a point of contention and tension in America. And it's also just quite interesting to observe two Oppressed groups, specifically Oppressed in America, historically kind of have such tension when a lot of this tension and pain upon both groups has been caused by non Jewish or non black groups, specifically non Jewish white people. So, yeah, um, a lot to think upon and I hope other people will discover this. Well, it's really great. I see you use the hashtag hashtags
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 4:37
Hello Andrew and thank you for taking I was about to call you Andrew. I don't know why. Hello, Andrew. And I appreciate this topic. You know, I just did a little bit of research and it's interesting. Jew is not a race, it's those of Judaism. It's religious based, not race based
Demarkis Klan Destine
@OmegaStrange · 4:57
It's not even reliable anymore because it's outdated and it's been corrupted. So it was interesting hearing his perspective on religion. But yeah, man, Islam is basically, if you look at it, it's like a sequel or a reboot to Judaism and Christianity. But yeah, there appears to be this fight over who should own Judaism. But the black urgent lights are interesting because it goes all the way back to slavery when they started identifying themselves as the lost tribe